Wanted: Original Wilson Pro Staff 85

I might as well kick this off and try my luck! Here looking for an original Pete Sampras Pro Staff with the 85 sq/in that is still in relatively good condition.


  • The St. Vincent made examples are fairly pricey on the famous auction site, but later Taiwan made ones can be had. I happen to have one but it's not for sale. But I will keep my eye out for you!

  • Thanks for the info. If you ever want to part ways with yours, I'll come running!

  • It's not the most forgiving racquet in the world, but it sure looks great. Sampras strung natural gut on his in the high 70 lb range. His racquets would pop in his hotel room at night while he slept!

  • I wonder how much they're worth now. I have a taiwan one strung only once and another that I'm using

  • A good gauge is to go on the famous auction site and look up Pro Staff 85 under "Completed Items". It will give an idea of what they are actually selling for rather than peoples' hopeful pricing that may never actually sell.

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